Are there any special considerations when applying a garage floor coating over existing cracks or damage in the concrete?

Some options, such as painting the garage floor or filling in cracks and other imperfections with a concrete repair product, end up being short-term solutions. Concrete pavers are more ideal for floors with minor surface damage (i.e., small cracks and pitts). The most serious problems in the ground, such as wide and deep cracks, chips, and extensive pitting, would require extensive repairs before applying a paver to them. If you are repairing cracked concrete, we recommend that you hit the surrounding areas firmly with a hammer and listen for a hollow sound.

The purpose of this blog is to address the questions we receive so frequently when it comes to epoxy floor coverings. Since these questions often come from residential homeowners about their garage or basement floors, I will focus our answers on this hearing. Much of the information is also applicable to the business environment. If you have floor damage that is out of your price range to repair, tiles are also a cost-effective option for covering an unattractive surface.

After all repairs are done, be sure to protect the garage floor to prevent further pitting or detachment by sealing the floor or applying a coating. Of course, repairing a garage floor with sealants and fillers for cracks, compounds for concrete patches, or waterproof cement prevents further damage to problem areas of the floor. This is partly because its application layer is usually quite thin compared to an epoxy or polyaspartic coating. It is very likely that the builder left the floor of a garage with the bare minimum in terms of resilience and visual appeal of the surface.

The look of the garage floor covering is probably at the top of your priority list when deciding what is the best garage floor covering for the job. Nor do these options make the garage floor look very nice or offer much floor protection. Their advertising boxes promise to work wonders on your garage floor and they brag about how easy the product is to work with. As a result, there may be areas surrounding the garage floor that haven't been weakened enough to free up on their own and remain hidden.

Any product that claims to be the best garage floor covering available should be able to back it up with a solid warranty. For this reason, look for a garage floor covering that offers you a wide variety of floor covering colors to choose from. Repairing a garage floor full of holes or chips is only intimidating because most people don't know what to use or how to start. Without a doubt, a beautiful garage floor surface makes a big difference in the look and feel of a garage.

Since a good floor covering doesn't wear out as quickly as a bare concrete floor, your garage will also produce a little less dust. STRONGHOLD FLOORS is the strongest brand in concrete floor coverings for the Maryland metropolitan area, Central Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

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