Are there any special considerations when applying a garage floor coating over existing sealer residue in the concrete?

Learn why you should test concrete for moisture before applying paint or epoxy to your garage floor. We'll show you how to do it with these simple tests. For example, the garage floor paint available at most Big Box stores is usually an acrylic-based sealant modified with epoxy. It had a 600-foot garage with a polished cement floor, epoxy and then a transparent layer over the top of the flakes.

Another promising type of floor that allows both durability and customization are polyaspartic floors. It's a more cost-effective solution than most other topical coatings (epoxies and urethanes), it's a more durable coating than traditional acrylic sealants, and it's much less likely to fail than most DIY coating systems offered in large stores. As with epoxy for floors, there are certain criteria that the base floor must meet in order to be compatible with polyaspartic floors. This is why acid etching on sealed concrete doesn't work and is one of the most common mistakes made when applying a coating to a garage floor.

If there is an area on the floor of the garage or basement that always seems to have white dust residue that reappears after cleaning, it is most likely efflorescence. A variety of options for epoxy floors help provide a customizable floor covering that adapts to different levels of traffic. Generic water-based formulas are sold in large stores and high-end 100% solid epoxy coatings are sold by individual concrete coating manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing these coatings. But my chainsaw was left on the floor and the oil it extracted got soaked into the floor and left no sticky residue, just an oil stain.

The surface is 60 × 60, the floor is in good condition, but it has been used as a horse stable, mechanical garage and storage for garden equipment. You can also purchase floor epoxy in several types of finishes to capture the specific aesthetic you want for your space and, at the same time, have a durable, chemical-resistant floor. It's easy and fairly quick to do and can save you the disappointment and heartache of a faulty floor covering.

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