How do i apply a garage floor coating?

Start applying the coating as soon as the epoxy mixture is ready. You won't have more than two hours to apply the epoxy and even less time when it's hot. Keep the garage well ventilated during application and initial cure. Use a 9-inch wide roller with a medium nap to paint the floor.

Attach the roller to a pole. Then, immerse the roller in the epoxy bucket to cover only the bottom half of the roller. This loads the roller with the correct amount of epoxy. Step back to fill in the pattern and remove any roller marks.

Make sure that the edges remain wet as you move from one section to another to prevent visible seams from forming. Allow the first coat to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. First of all, always unpack and inspect any garage floor coating kits and supplies you order long before you start. If you don't want a shiny floor (since they're slippery when wet), add a non-slip coating to the epoxy for the second layer.

Because polyurethane has a dry film thickness of 2 to 3 thousandths of an inch, one layer on a floor of full-color flakes is not enough. Learning how to apply epoxy to a garage floor isn't difficult once you understand the finer points of the application process and all your questions are answered. This DIY garage floor covering application guide is designed as one of the most comprehensive and detailed instruction manuals. The next step is to inspect the garage floor for any visible signs of moisture and perform a moisture test if necessary.

Applicator error is significantly reduced when the process of applying a floor covering or epoxy paint product is better understood. Once you have decided that the garage floor will accept an epoxy coating, the next step is to clean the surface of the garage floor. That way, your garage floor will get an even distribution of color scales from one section to the next. Mask and paint the bottom 4 inches of the garage or basement wall with the epoxy mix that was used on the floor.

Epoxy, as well as other garage floor coverings, are influenced by the weather and can affect cure times, viscosity and adhesion. Remember that epoxy floor covering will harden more slowly when temperatures are lower than ideal, so you should adjust wait times accordingly. Epoxy coatings work best on a concrete floor that is in good condition, without cracks, chips, or serious detachment.

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