How long should i wait before parking my car on my newly applied garage floor coating?

Once the project has been completed, you can normally walk on the freshly coated floor the next day. The floor should be allowed to cure for 48 hours before placing large objects, such as workbenches and refrigerators, and at least 72 hours before parking them. This is a common question that has several different answers. It depends on the type of vehicle you are going to park on your new epoxy floor and the type of epoxy paint you used.

Normally you have to wait a few days before parking any vehicle on a freshly coated floor. The reason is that, although the epoxy will be dry to the touch in approximately 8 to 10 hours, the chemical cure process is still going on. How long will it be before I can use the floor in my garage again? Normally, the floor will be ready for light foot traffic within 3 to 4 hours after installation. Wait 24 hours before placing items back on the floor.

Some systems allow vehicle traffic in 24 hours, but others may require up to 72 hours. Preparing and repairing the garage floor requires the use of specific tools, such as diamond grinders, and professional experience. Prestige Garage floor covering uses only industrial-grade materials that include only the highest quality resins. In terms of performance, polyaspartic coatings for garage floors are considered to be as durable as epoxy coatings.

In terms of maintenance, polyaspartic garage floor coverings will last as long as epoxy coatings and will require minimal maintenance. Most are made of high-quality epoxy that repels water, oil and other materials, and resists contaminants that corrode the garage floor and eventually cause it to decay. Garage floor coverings are made in several solid colors that look great, and you can add decorative scales to give them more traction and a more elegant look. Prestige Garage and Floor Coating technicians and installers are often asked how effective discount kits are in large housing centers.

Applying an epoxy coat to a concrete floor is as easy as painting walls, but as with paint, success lies in the preparatory work. The two biggest advantages of a polyaspartic coating for garage floors are the fast cure time and the low temperature cure. Since dust and dirt do not stick to the covered floor, it is enough to use the mop once a week (or sooner if necessary) to keep the floor clean.

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