How long should i wait before using acids on my newly appliedgaragefloorcoating?

Polymer-modified concrete pavers only need approximately 24 hours of cure before applying a coating or paint. The reason for this is that they are applied thinly. It will take approximately 2 to 4 hours for the soil surface to dry at 77°F or higher, or 4 to 6 hours when it is colder. You should wait 60 days before continuing with an acid wash.

Freshly poured concrete will take about 30 days to cure and another 30 days for excess moisture to evaporate. The exact amount of time will of course depend on the weather and climate. We do not recommend using aggressive detergents, acids or alkalis, as they can damage the garage floor covering. Acid etching has proven to be the best option for someone looking to prepare and coat concrete floors on their own without the participation of a professional.

There are a few methods available, but acid-washing the garage floor is the most cost-effective way to prepare a concrete surface. However, Rust Bullet is a manufacturer that manufactures a coating for garage floors that can be applied without having to acid etch concrete.

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